SWAKOPMUND, the Mouth of the Swakop.

This very picturesque city is situated within the Namibian Desert just west of the capital Windhoek.  With her Bavarian-style German architecture and distinctive German atmosphere, Swakopmund is an excellent base to when beginning your explorations of the surrounding coastal areas, a launch pad if you will to the Skeleton Coast and Namib Desert, this is a city with as much personality as it has sea frontage.

There are an abundance of great restaurants and coffee shops to sit and plan your daily adventures or pit stop in between places and activities.

The National Marine Aquarium for example opens a window to the wonders of marine life found in the cold Benguela Current off the coast of Southern Africa.  An underwater walkway allows the visitor to view sharks, rays and fish from close range. The smaller exhibition tanks house organisms from the inshore waters, mainly found along sandy and rocky beaches. Of course if the deep blue doesn’t strike your fancy there are plenty of land based activities to throw yourself into – quad biking in the desert , sandboarding, paragliding from the top of the sand dunes and then just outside of the city, the Rossmund Desert Golf Course, one of only five all-grass desert golf courses in the world.

A must is a trip to Goanikontes oasis in the Namib Naukluft Park to view the very Weird and wonderful Welwitschias. These are just some of the words that are used to describe the welwitschia as they are one of the few things on Earth that can truly claim to be one of a kind. These prehistoric plants are referred to as ‘living fossils’ and some specimens are over a thousand years old. So fascinating to that the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town actually has a dedicated Conservatory for these peculiar plants; the Ian Redihough Welwitschia House.

WALVIS Bay or Whale bay to some is most definitely one of the more commonly heard of areas when conjuring up images on Namibia. The main attraction is of course the natural lagoon. The lagoon provides a rich habitat for a diverse range of flora and fauna, prolific birdlife; most notably the flamingos and pelicans. Being rich in plankton and marine life, these waters also draw large numbers of southern right whales, dolphins and furry seals. Daily cruises around this area can be enjoyed or you could enjoy a Kayak to Pelican Point lighthouse.

Another popular tourist spot in Walvis is Dune 7, the highest sand dune in the area and some truly wonderful views and pictures are taken from atop here – very rewarding after the climb to the top. Now, should you wish to experience the awesome power of gravity and an experience you’ll never forget you can strap a sand board to your feet and slide down this monstrous dune.

An absolute must to end of your stay in Walvis is a trip to Sandwich Harbour – located 55km south of Walvis Bay, it’s a place many have heard of but very few have ever visited. Sandwich Harbour, part of the Namib Naukluft Park is where the sand dunes meet the ocean and can only be reached by 4×4 at low tide.

Breathtaking sceneries and unique landscapes, just waiting to be discovered!

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