Mystical Kalahari

Say the word Kalahari and no doubt you’ll see images of red dunes in your mind’s eye. However the vast track of bleak, shimmering semi-desert contrasts dramatically with the lush green vineyards filling the Orange River’s fertile valleys. The colour that will blow your mind is not red; it’s green. This is a region that is full of wonders and magic, and is often referred to as “The land of contrasts”.

It’s the land of the Koi San with their ancient tales of wisdom and mystery. The Kalahari’s vast eco-system covers parts of South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. These seemly endless hills and sand dunes, intertwined with dry, cracked river beds are scattered with Camelthorn trees and a fluttering of life as tiny weaver birds makes their nests. The vastness of the province and absence of pollution also make it an incredible stargazing destination. You will see the galaxy like you never have before.

At Augrabies Falls you will be awed by the torrents of water thundering down the gorge into the Orange River. Home to a diversity of species, the Augrabies National Park and its spectacular granite gorge offers magnificent birding, some small game, springbok, reptiles, gemsbok and giraffe and a spectacular hiking trail.

The Kalahari is both deceptive and alluring. Deceptive because beneath the surface of apparent desert lies an incredible wealth of iron, manganese and other precious ores, which explains the mining towns, and alluring for visitors because of the many game farms, wine regions and nature reserves to which the Kalahari is home.

One of those lodges to call the Kalahari home is the Tutwa Desert Lodge. This is an oasis of tranquil luxury perfectly positioned between the Green Kalahari and the mighty Orange River. This position allows for the unique combination of game-viewing and river activities. They boast a plethora of activities to keep you entertained. Keep your eyes open wide when you set out early in the morning before the desert sun is at its fiercest, in search of that unique sighting of the leopard and other interesting desert creatures. Enjoy world-class fly-fishing for the elusive big-and-small mouth yellow fish, paddle on a quiet stretch of the Orange River or for the more adventurous; enjoy the thrill of an overnight River Rafting experience. The options are plentiful.

An experience not to be missed is a visit to the numerous Koi San and Bushman painting sites where you will have the opportunity to hear their stories, the folklore and mythology of the African people which have been handed down by word of mouth through the generations of tribal life! From the Giraffe who helped guide the sun and how the stars were given their names, to the times when the Elephant was King and how the Lion could fly.

Discover the mysteries of the Green Kalahari and all her mighty and unique offerings. It is truly a place where you can disconnect and reconnect with those closest to you, ensuring a most memorable vacation.

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