Local is Lekker

“Local is Lekker” is a common South African phrase meaning the things close to home are often the best. Lekker is the Afrikaans word meaning delicious, but it is generally used to describe something as nice, cool, awesome, the best.

As we know, Cape Town is one of the most visually spectacular and culturally unique cities in South Africa, with so many hidden gems you can feel like you are on an adventure just by wandering through the street. To explore this city and feel like a local you simply have to try a few of our top choices…

Watch the sunrise from the top of Lion’s Head! This easy hike can be done by anyone (not scared of heights) with a good pair of walking shoes and at your own pace. One of the best kept secrets – “we love to hike up Lion’s Head just before the sun rises”.  It is when you can get the best light to see the majestic Table Mountain and it makes for a spectacular picture taking”. Then on your way down, head onto Kloof Street and do as the Captonians do… order a piping hot “Flat White to go”. The absolute best way to experience these roasted coffee bean aromas that fill the air is by visiting some of the many notable cafes in and around town, such as the Department of Coffee, Bootlegger and Truth. Enjoy a stroll along the Sea Point Promenade, feeling the fresh sea air on your face. The sea air is crisp and cool and perfect to keep you going.

Take in a Deli’s or Food Market such as the V&A market on the Wharf. Here freshly baked goods will fill your nostrils and have you salivating to taste everything on offer. We’re talking fresh produce, gourmet picnic food and skilled chefs galore. It’s the ultimate social hangout for weekend lunches. Indulge in a Gatsby (aka huge sandwich). Imagine an extra-large baguette filled with polony, masala steak, chicken curry or chips…or literally all of the above, all in one. Absolutely delicious, but be warned, these sandwiches are huge, so it is recommended to share one. Another must that every local loves – is cheap fish and chips by the sea. For a lovely casual lunch on a Saturday afternoon, flock to the picturesque seaside towns of Hout Bay where you can find Mariner’s Wharf and Fish on the Rocks or Kalky’s in Kalk Bay to enjoy some traditional fish and chips with relaxing views of the harbour, seals and seagulls.

Quench your thirst on a mug of Craft Beer at a hipster hang out, even if you don’t don a beard or skinny jeans, most Capetonians love their branded craft beers. There are so many microbreweries in Cape Town that it’s difficult to recommend just a few.

Spend your evenings enjoying a variety of “lekker” after-dark activities around the Mother City like catching a classic film at a Galileo Open Air cinema, Shimmy Beach Club which changes from a stellar eatery in the day to a glimmering dance venue from the afternoon sunset long into the night, right on the water edge. “First Thursdays” which takes places on the First Thursday of every month, explore art galleries and cultural attractions, in between browsing for art, and hunting for fashion and decor, there are loads of local cool bars, some with extravagant views to sip a classy cocktail or craft beer with plenty of Local and Lekker hip street-food spots along the way.

So you see, with something for everyone and every taste, it is easy to experience Cape Town like a local… because local IS lekker!

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