Exploring Botswana’s Desert & Delta

A water wonderland that can actually is visible from outer space! This pristine paradise with vast waves of migratory game and the permanent emerald swirl of the world’s biggest inland river delta, the fertile Okavango, flowing into a sea of sand, the Kalahari Desert, then disappears, never to emerge again.

The watery labyrinth is a bird-watcher’s paradise and overflows with beautiful fish, reptiles, predators and mammals. Botswana is probably more famous for its safari tours in the spectacular inland Okavango Delta. Botswana safaris offer travellers truly amazing and diverse experiences in pristine environments. This fan-shaped jewel gives life to Botswana’s arid interior, with its mosaic of channels and islands forested with palms and its floodplains teeming with wildlife and it is this wildlife that actually helps create the channels and the bigger mammals bristle through.

Making waves is not only done by the huge elephant and hippos herds … the Botswana Government are too, with their strong Anti-poaching laws and efforts. The northern boundary of the country with Namibia is where some of the country’s richest wildlife areas are located, and where sadly there is an issue with cross-border poaching dating as far back at the 1990’s. The army while patrolling the border is now utilized to protect the wildlife. The president of Botswana, Ian Khama, a wildlife enthusiast formed an anti-poaching unit to assist in the battle against poaching. So successful is this program it has now became a permanent arm of the Botswana Defence Force and was the subject of a successful National Geographic Document titled Wildlife Warriors. Last year, Botswana brought in 14 Bat Hawk light surveillance aircrafts to bolster their anti-poaching arsenal furthering the war against rampant poaching.

Another remarkable precedent for the tourisms and wildlife industry of Botswana is the Female guide development, started by the Chobe Lodge Group. The Chobe Game lodge Management team started this initiative by sitting down and working out a “Win Win” strategy. By recruit some of the top female guides in the country and working with the Botswana Wildlife Training Institute asking them to refer all female trainee guides to Chobe Game Lodge for field training. A breakthrough was created to provide equal opportunity for female guides. To date, there has been a significant increase of female guides.

Equal opportunity for women is just one of the many initiatives Chobe Game Lodge has implemented as part of their Responsible Tourism strategy. Already fully Ecotourism certified by Botswana Tourism Organisation, the lodge has invested in a state of the art water recycling system, the most advanced Biogas plant in the region and now proudly boasts the use of Electrical vehicles for Safari AND we can see why this is such a huge draw card!

Conservation and its greatest will always be to use what we have, and what Africa and Botswana have is an abundance of sunshine!  So what better way than to make use of it in the form of Solar powered and electric safari vehicles and boats?

The conversion to electric powered boats is certainly a winner for the environment but it is also a big plus for the safari experience.   Noise and vibrations are reduced to an absolute minimum so guests are able to appreciate the tranquility of the beautiful Chobe River. Drive past or glide right up to Botswana wildlife without making a sound or disturbing these magnificent mammals in their natural habitats.

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