Seychelles, Seashells on the seashores.

No, you’re not dreaming this really is the most pristine of all island escapes! If you thought the Maldives was the ideal spot for your romantic and private getaway – think again! Seychelles boast over 100 islands that make up its archipelago and the vast majorities are uninhabited. Excuse me while I day-dream…

Nature most definitely takes priority with most of the islands being nature reserves and even if you meander off to one of the 3 main islands most of them have large areas that are protected. Visit Mahe Island, one of the biggest and most populated islands with ascending jungle clad mountains rising majestically from the Indian Ocean and over 60 beautiful beaches and coves to choose from, you will begin to understand why so many of these treasure troves are protected.

Thirteen pairs of rare Paradise Fly Catcher birds so bright and colourful each with different long splendid tails, will entrance you as your eyes try to follow them fluttering amongst the sprawling trees. The Beautiful, unique black parrots and magpie robin cries can be heard but very rarely seen thus making any forest walk a special adventure.

Your senses will continue to be delighted with the fragrant vanilla orchid or wildly famous Coco de Mer fruit considered to have medicinal properties. Its huge shells can be carved into vessels and bowls, some of the largest recorded fruit shells have been carved into stools and even table bases. Tantalizing Creole cuisine found easily all over the islands is delicious and prepared in a fascinating variety of ways each known to reflect the ethnic diversity of the island European but mainly African elements . Feast on such fascinating dishes like a variety of seafood delicacies such as red snapper (known locally as bourzwa), kingfish, tuna steaks, parrot fish, barracuda and octopus curry. Mouthwatering to say the least!

Look out to the dramatic mountainous interiors, lush rainforests and enormous bay and coves to keep you occupied from sun up to sundown. Island hop the Seychelles and experience why she is described as an outdoor activity paradise with innumerable opportunities for waking, hiking, rock-climbing, snorkelling, swimming, fishing, boating, windsurfing or just good old shell collecting.

Any time of the year is Seychelles time of the year, as the island is blessed with a tropical climate all year round with the two opposing trade winds that generally govern the weather patterns, the brisker South-Easter bringing the cooler conditions. With these winds bring in the international sailing event, The Seychelles Sailing Cup closely followed by the international fishing competition.

With so many exciting things to be seen and done all year round, from sun up to sun down how would you not want to visit the Seychelles?

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