Maldives, wish you were here!

No words can describe this beautiful island or in fact the Maldives islands. Located on top of a vast underwater mountain range and surrounded by 26 equally exquisite pearl like natural atolls making these warm waters the most famous for its rare underwater beauty. The abundance of the hallucinogenic coloured corals and prolific underwater life has divers and snorkelers entranced and flocking here all year round. A scuba divers dream.

Much of the island’s idyllic appeal is of course the many traditions that are still followed and widely respected. Maldivians are esteemed around the World for their hospitality and affability towards their guests and on arrival you will more than likely experience their traditional islander welcome, where you will be served a fresh decorated coconut drink, and more than likely offered in an actual coconut. Feeling rather glamorous right now, yes!

With a little over 393,500 inhabitants and a largely Muslim community, respect should always be shown where possible, after all we are of course entering someone else’s home.

There are 6 main spots for snorkeling and diving, 1 of which is the HP Reef. It is the most famous and is a marine protected area located north of Malé Atoll where you can experience encounters with numerous marine life such as Whale Shark, Stingray, Manta Ray, Butterflyfish, Angelfish, and Barracuda and so the list goes on.

Fishing is the dominant economic activity, and remains the largest sector by far; followed by the rapidly growing tourism industry and we can totally understand why!

Ancient Buddhist ruins with crawling tree vines are beautifully preserved and antique Buddhist artefacts are displayed in the National Museum in Malé.

For a true taste of the local cultural experience, make it a point to visit the Maldives Fish Market, which in addition to fish offers fresh vegetables, fruits and other local produce. The market is an ideal location to observe the fishing activities of the islands

Now as you can well imagine, the Maldives boasts pretty much every conceivable kind of water-based activities from the relaxing paddling around the turquoise lagoon in perhaps a transparent canoe to being several meters below the waves on an underwater scooter! Dangle from a parachute behind a speedboat or just enjoy a sunset Catamaran sailing experience. Try your hand at fly fishing or the extreme sport of Fly boarding. Jet skiing, Kite surfing, Knee boarding, Surfing and of course scuba diving. With so much to do you’ll drift off each night into a blissful, for filled sleep rocked by the sounds of the ocean only to wake once again to island life.

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