Reunion Island, a bird watchers paradise!

Wake to the sounds of birds greeting the sun and surf, celebrating their photogenic landscape.

One of the most intriguing spots on earth just east of Madagascar and southwest of Mauritius this speck of an island is home to over ninety-one species of birds. The skies are alight with the fluttering of bright and brilliant wings!

Unlike in Mauritius, sugar cane fields have not taken over the whole island but rather beef trees and screwpines with the traditional Creole houses boasting copious amounts of flowers ranging from climbing bougainvillea, the ever popular frangipanis, jacarandas and hibiscus to name but a few. While the Mascarin’s Botanical Conservatory in Saint Leu or the breathtaking Garden of Eden near Saint-Gilles-le-Bains is most certainly a delight to any plant enthusiast.

Enjoy the most popular attraction on the island by enjoying a guided tour to one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Wait, What?

Yes, Piton de Fournaise or Furnace Peak erupted first about 50,000 years ago and records show has erupted nearly 180 times since with the last time being in 2004! Never fear, this sleeping pot of lava is monitored by volcano experts, scientists and government surveillance just in case she starts to wake. There is definitely something fascinating about seeing this sleeping giant so close up.

The local language is Creole and is the main vernacular. However much like its cousin Mauritius English and French are also widely spoken. So if you chose to stay in a 5 star resort or camp out in a villa on the beach you will have nothing but friendly locals to converse with and hear the many tales of ancient times.

Make sure you don’t leave without sampling Reunions famous rum; “Rhum Charrette”, either in your Pina Colada complete with straw and umbrella or during a tasting to one of the 3 main distilleries, this delicious rum is something to be tried and the locals can show you their preferred way of mixing it neat with fruits, plants and spices.

With this diverse terrain comes endless possibilities, activities and sprawling beaches that make Reunion fun for everyone. Adrenaline junkies will love it here! Hikes to gushing waterfalls, cannoning along the rivers, diving and snorkeling with the turtles, fishing or soaking up those rays, you really have the whole island at your fingertips, or should we say your feet.

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