Perfect Africa and the Cape Canopy Tour in Elgin

Cape Canopy 2

The Cape Canopy Tour is quickly becoming a firm favorite with tourists and internationals in the Western Cape. One of our product experts, Lauren Raines, jumped at the chance to zip her way through the Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cape canopy 10 Special

It is only an hour’s drive from the city of Cape Town and is the seventh location in South Africa to offer canopy tours. What allows this particular canopy tour to stand out is the fact that it gives people the opportunity to see an untouched part of the province, it isn’t even accessible to hike in some parts. From a bird’s eye perspective, it adds a distinctive element of thrill, just enough to get the heart racing.

Cape Canopy 11 SpecialCape Canopy 5

The Cape Canopy Tour makes it clear that this is not just a zipline designed to delight the adventurous spirit, this is also a guided nature experience. Each tour is led by an experienced guide who will not only ensure the safety of your high flying activity but will enlighten you with knowledge about the endemic fynbos and the geology of the Boland Mountains.

Cape Canopy 8

Cape Canopy 9

Set among cliffs, forest, waterfalls and the diverse fynbos of the nature reserve, there are a series of 13 elevated platforms, slides up to 320m long and a swing bridge. Dizzying heights is the term that springs to mind but a harness that is securely attached, puts the nerves a little at ease. Then it’s all about sliding across valleys, waterfalls and heightening your senses in the natural surrounds.

Cape Canopy 6

Lauren Raines says, “It was truly an exhilarating experience and even though I was very nervous when I arrived, I didn’t want to leave! I highly recommend this experience!” All images and video courtesy: Lauren Raines, Perfect Africa

Have a look at our YouTube video of Lauren’s time with Cape Canopy Tours:

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