Glamping-It’s All the Rage

The days of arriving at a camp site having forgotten your can opener and squeezing into a small space for a disturbed sleep, all in the name of adventure, are over. Glamping is the new camping; where luxury meets outdoor adventure, because who wants to relinquish their creature comforts? Although glamping is now taking the world by storm, the earliest safaris were essentially the essence of glamping. 

In those times, safari journeys were meticulously planned and dinners were even formal affairs, complete with crystal glasses and champagne. Over the years, safaris have evolved but have never lost the true essence of glamping. We want to highlight three options we think will tickle your glamping bone:

1.       Okuti-The Great Botswana Getaway-Ker&Downey Botswana



Images Courtesy: Ker&Downey Botswana

Intimate is the word used to describe Okuti, which accommodates only 18 guests at a time. Perfectly located in the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana, it has all the trimmings of luxury. The properties design was inspired by the culture of Botswana and resembles an African Village. Impressively but not surprisingly, it was awarded the Certificate of Excellence 2014 by Trip Advisor.

2.       Nasikia Mobile Camp-Tanzania Glamping Expedition

Nasikia 1

Nasikia 2

Images Courtesy: Nasikia Camps

Nasikia Mobile Camp has 8 to 12 tents that follow the Great Wildebeest migration, as well as other wildlife from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area to the Serengeti National Park.  It’s the thrill of the safari chase meets well….glamping….Imagine for a second, a beautiful path of lanterns between tents as you listen to the sounds of the bush. It’s the perfect integration of outside and inside.

3.       Tanda Tula Field Camp


Images Courtesy: Tanda Tula

With a catch phrase like “Treading softly on the surface of the earth”, it’s not hard to understand why we have added Tanda Tula’s Field Camp to our list. In the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, which forms part of the Kruger National Park, it is an exclusive-use, mobile, explorer styled tented camp. The emphasis for this particular camp is on the walking safari. Tracking big game on foot, guided of course by industry leading field guides, is a unique and rewarding experience in the African bush.

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