Consultant Highlight-Allison’s Botswana Magic

We’re as passionate and excited about African travel as we are about the people that we work with. That’s why we want to introduce you to Allison Oosthuizen. She’s the quintessential beautiful, bright and bubbly consultant that has been a valuable member of Perfect Africa for a while.

Her enthusiasm and love for the African continent is what makes her one of our experienced go to people when you are planning your holiday. Courtesy of Ker&Downey, Allison went on a trip to Botswana, a land of contrast that puts the wild in wildlife.  This is the place where there are more elephants than in any other country, where big cats are magnificent spectacles and where luxury accommodation nestles itself seamlessly into the environment.

The journey began at Camp Okuti, which is next to the Xakanaxa Lagoon in the Moremi Game Reserve.  In 1963, the local BaTwana people set aside a third of the Okavango Delta to protect it for the future and formed this reserve. Camp Okuti is set in the heart of Mother Nature’s wildlife show and offers nine spacious safari-styled thatched chalets. A welcome indulgence in relaxation after the excitement of morning and afternoon game drives or as Allison thoroughly enjoyed, exploring the delta waterways by motorboat.


Camp Okuti indulgence, Allison rested her head here after game drives and motorboat excursions


Time to discover the Okavango Delta on a motorboat!


Up close and personal with the King of the Jungle

It was then time to move on to Kanana Camp, in the southwest of the Okavango Delta. One light aircraft transfer to Kanana Airport and an open game vehicle drive to the camp completed the smooth transition. There’s something other worldly about the remoteness of this camp. You could say it’s a hidden gem but we like to avoid the cliché’s, so we’ll call it a paragon of safari bliss. It’s decorated in a theme that is reminiscent of bygone colonialism.


Kanana Camp is all smiles and exceptional service on safari


Selfie with an Elephant! Blessed be Africa.

Back on a light aircraft and off to the Shinde Concession, Allison then enjoyed a game drive to Shinde, her last stop for this itinerary. This camp is on a flourishing palm island in the northern part of the Okavango Delta. Exclusivity is a promise at Shinde with lavish safari tents and a unique raised tree house that comprises the lounge and dining area.


Integration into nature is part and parcel of the Shinde Camp experience

We asked Allison to sum up what she thought of her trip and the charmed land of Botswana and as always, she speaks directly from the heart, “Once you go to Botswana, you will want to come back year after year. Camp Kanana means “paradise” and this best describes Botswana! There are so many wonderful things to say but I want to say that a little piece of my soul lives in Botswana”

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