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Africa has been tipped to be the newest and greatest surf capital of the world, with 26 000km of coastline. The global surfing community is estimated at 35 million ocean lovers and by 2020 the number is predicted to swell (pardon the pun) to 50 million, as predicted by Surfer Today. We want to have a closer at where some of the gnarly waves are and what hot spots are primed and ready for the surfing community:

Jeffery’s Bay-South Africa’s Surfing Mecca 

This is one of the most famous surfing destinations in the world, which plays host to the annual Billabong pro surfing challenge at Supertubes in July. Supertubes are said to be one of the fastest and most perfectly formed waves in the world. J-Bay, as it is affectionately known, is located in the rugged Eastern Cape province of SA and is about an hour’s drive from the friendly city of Port Elizabeth. For accommodation, we would recommend a stay at the No5. Boutique Art Hotel, a luxury 5 start hotel. It’s in Port Elizabeth, a short distance from the perfect wave and offers ten exquisite suites and is conveniently located ten minutes from the airport and is within 100 metres of the Indian Ocean. The Mantis Group, associated with the boutique hotel, is renowned the world over for its service excellence.

Jeffreys Bay Hard Rock Backpackers

Jeffrey’s Bay-Billabong Surfing Challenge-Image: Hard Rock Backpackers

No5 Boutique HotelNo5 Boutique Art Hotel-Mantis Group

Hout Bay-Dungeons and Surfing Dragons

Hout Bay in Cape Town is where surfers will find Dungeons. It’s a legendary surf spot for the brave and is classed as one of the world’s “big wave” spots. A leg of the Red Bull Big Wave Competition is held here and it pumps during winter storms when 15 to 30 foot swells break over the shallow reef. It’s only accessible by boat and is for the experienced surfer. Our accommodation pick when tackling the Dungeon is Tintswalo Atlantic.  This 5 star luxury lodge is ideally located on Chapman’s Peak Drive, which forms part of the Table Mountain National Park, one of SA’s eight World Heritage Sites. Breath-taking vistas, fine dining, family-style hospitality beckon surfers when the ocean does not.

Yout Tube

Dungeons-Hout Bay-Cape Town-Image: YouTube

Affluence Magazine

Tintswalo Atlantic-Hout Bay-Chapman’s Peak-Image:Affluence Magazine 

Long Beach-The Lobster Fishing Village of Kommetjie

Long Beach, in the village of Kommetjie, is a short 40 min drive from the Mother City. It offers one of the most consistent waves in the country and is a very popular surfing spot. The waves here break to the left and right and it is an ideal spot when the South-Easter wind blows in summer. It’s suitable for intermediate to experienced surfers and has small to medium but well-formed waves. And when making it back to shore, The Last Word Long Beach, is a pristine haven of tranquillity. It is right on the beach and is an intimate five star hotel.

Magic Seaweed

Long Beach Waves-Kommetjie-Image: Magic Seaweed

MantisThe Last Word Long Beach-Kommetjie-Cape Town-Image: Mantis Group

Durban-‘The Bay of Plenty’

Durban is known for hosting the most consistent waves in South Africa, with regular swells and good wind conditions which is an ideal recipe for good quality surf. The swell generally gets larger the further north you travel and there is an abundance of world class waves suited for all levels of experience. North of Durban is Salt Rock and is a great destination for surfing. It is also the location of our featured accommodation, Canelands Beach Club.

This luxurious and elegant 10 bedroom beach club is a stone’s throw away from the beach and the many rock pools and coves that Salt Rock is well known for. It is quality beach style accommodation.

Salt Rock Surfing

Salt Rock-Durban-KwaZulu Natal 

Canelands Beach Club

Canelands Beach Club-Salt Rock-Durban

Tofinho Point-World Famous Right Hand Reef Break-Mozambique

Tofinho at Tofo, is near the province of Inhambane and is considered the best surf spot in the country. Widely recognised for its immaculate reefs and offering a wide variety for every level of experience, it’s the place surfer’s dream about. The best time to surf in Mozambique is in winter (June, July, August) which provides good weather. Warm water, friendly locals and great waves make it an exceptional locale.

Massinga Beach is in Inhambane and is the proverbial accommodation that is far from the madding crowd and offers the barefoot luxury that goes hand in hand with that aspect. Impressive views overlook the Indian Ocean in stylish thatched suites. It’s the epitome of luxury and comfort.

Tofhino Surfing

Tofinho Surfing-Mozambique


Massinga Beach Lodge-Unlimited Destinations-Inhambane, Mozambique

There is an extraordinary amount of surfing spots all over the African continent and we are pleased that it is finally being recognised for the surfing paradise that it is. This is just a taste of what Africa has to offer.  Cowabunga!

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